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What is


ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is defined as the ability to deliver an integrated suite of business applications. ERP tools share a common process and data model, covering broad and deep operational end-to-end processes, such as those found in finance, HR, distribution, manufacturing, service and the supply chain


with the current ERP technology

High maintenance cost
Data vulnerability

data leaks and manipulation

Difficult Integrations

lack of standards, and protocols


Integrating blockhain

into ERP solutions


The disruptive profile of the blockchain technology should allow reliability and security in the development and use of the ERP software. The blockchain technology enables registration of the operational transactions in blocks, and due to its decentralized nature, data can be shared across a p2p network.

Blockchain enables easier tracking of transactions and improved privacy, efficiency, transparency and greater confidence for ERP-solutions system. Using blockchain technology in ERP systems allows greater control in the utilization of the existing company data regarding generation and transfer of new information into a distributed ledger.

Due to the immutability of the blockchain technology, existing data which are held in blocks cannot be altered or manipulated, as the blockchain platform provides safe chronological evidence for every transaction.

Why blockchain?

Blockchain technology brings few attributes which makes it the go-to technology which can completely revolutionize ERP solution systems.

These attributes ensure the solution is interoperable, scalable, compliant, and flexible to incorporate newer requirements, and have privacy and security.


Access control a user and/or any third party can be granted access and/or excluded from general access.

The permissions can be architected to specific data as required for the application.


Immutability, irreversibility, and data integrity - This removes the possibility of data breaches and data skews in the system, which enforces compliance. This would also allow a real-time auditing system to be attached on certain occasions.


Interoperability - different instances of the software will be able to communicate with each other, improving ambiguous operations between companies and allowing 3rd party apps to be able to integrate with the engine seamlessly.


Blockchain provides the layer for data encryption, decryption and enforces complex permission for participants and third parties. This also allows complete transparency and the possibility to create immutable history timeline and simplified auditing.

Zygot ERP

on blockchain

The ZERP concept is founded on developing a broad ecosystem that includes integration of many users to the blockchain platform where they can freely use their ERP applications, develop the functionalities and more easily articulate their needs connected with the ERP used. This refers to the implementation of innovative and more advanced ERP solutions to a functional ecosystem based on the new blockchain technological paradigm as a source of added value for the companies.

The provision of open access ability to quality and more sophisticated ERP solutions is especially important to those companies who have limited financial resources, and limited availability to purchase expensive commercial software from the big ERP providers.

Zygot ERP

on Tendermint blockchain

We are building upon what Tendermint brings as the foundation:

  • Blockchain technology
  • Tendermint helps us achieve ‘application-specific blockchain layer’ technology, allowing strangers to agree in a trust-less environment
  • It is designed as a platform for decentralized applications
  • Tendermint being able to process and scale to millions transactions per second - makes it one of the the most scalable blockchain in the industry, being able to handle any real-world application
  • NO transaction fees to pay when sending and receiving funds. Tendermint can achieve instant, free and thousands of transactions per second
  • Tendermint software is free to use for derivations projects


into ERP solutions

The ZERP project has several aspects of decentralization:

The ZERP open source software will be improved (maintained and sustained) through users’ requests on a dashboard, where the users also propose some tokens to be paid for the service to the ones who deliver it

On the other side, there will be teams of developers that monitor the dashboard for work on the software modules, and if capable and interested to do the job, they dedicate to a specific user(s) request. After completing the assignment, through ‘application-specific blockchain logic’ they receive the aggregated coins offered from users side for the specific job, because so many users needed it